About C3

The Campus Computing Centre (C3) serves as the technology arm of the United Nations University, providing  responsive, user-focused and cost-effective information and communications technology (ICT) solutions that assist UNU and its institutes in successfully achieving their respective missions.   In fulfilling this responsibility, C3 is committed to guiding the University’s strategic technology direction and overseeing the coordination and support of ICT infrastructure, resources and services in alignment with the University’s mission and goals.  C3’s worldwide teams work round-the-clock and around the globe as one team to deliver reliable services and innovative solutions to the faculty, staff and students. Given the scope of the work, the team remains small, and the focus has been on ‘do more, with less’ through initiatives that combine efforts, eliminate duplication and encourage sharing of expertise.

Partnering with the UNU community to support innovation, discovery and outreach, the tasks and activities of C3 cut across eight core areas under the vision of a Global Office that seeks to modernize, harmonize and standardize ICT across the University:

  1. Network infrastructure and data center operations;
  2. Web development, including Intranet and extranet applications development services;
  3. Communications and event technology services;
  4. Enterprise resource planning system;
  5. Mainstreaming ICT into research and scholarly activities;
  6. Client support;
  7. Capacity development and creative hiring;
  8. Communication and outreach to improve user understanding of ICT services and increase user involvement in service innovation.

C3 deploys services globally through our data centers located in Tokyo, Bonn and Kuala Lumpur. This infrastructure layer forms the foundation for essential ICT services, which range from office productivity suite to (mobile) Internet and remote connectivity to communication and collaboration solutions to cloud computing.

In addition to the core areas, C3 extends its expertise and services to a growing number of UN organizations without impacting our support priority. C3 also goes beyond the boundaries of the data center to contribute to academic projects and initiatives that require specialized skills in areas such as cloud computing and data management (e.g., Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System initiative).

At C3 everyone is encouraged to think outside the box, learn new tools by trying and exploring new possibilities. This self-advancement approach and do-it-ourselves culture combined with teamwork has enabled C3 to continually innovate, automate and discover new opportunities for cost optimization and ways to self-finance some of our own operations. For example, capitalizing on the intelligence built into the data center, C3 is able to deliver ICT services to many of the UN agencies based in the UN House in Tokyo.