Campus Computing Centre Vision

The Campus Computing Centre (C3) aims to leverage innovative and effective information resources and technology to enable and advance the vision, mission and strategic directions of the University. Our vision is that ICT should permeate everything we seek to do at UNU as an essential and invisible tool that is always available and seamlessly integrated into our activities - to address the global pressing problems of our time. 

To realize our vision our work focuses on the following strategic themes:

  • Global Office/Global Campus: Develop and promote a consistent user-centric computing environment across the University;
  • Global Team: Strengthen the overall ICT capacity by aggregating the individual ICT units to provide 24/7 support coverage worldwide;
  • Innovation: Adapt and transform new concepts and technologies; generate and incubate our own breakthrough ideas that will lead to new services and position ourselves as the ICT powerhouse for the university;
  • Communication: Raise awareness of the ICT services and their benefits, and engage users in the design and development of new services;
  • Partnership Building: Promote collaborative excellence by working with other departments throughout the university to ensure that the users can take full advantage of the most adequate and effective ICT tools needed for their work;
  • Knowledge Creation and Difussion: Foster a knowledge intensive environment for harnessing and leveraging our intellectual assets and competence throughout the knowledge evolution cycle to enable ICT led transformation within UNU and outside UNU, and increase UNU's sustainable competitive advantage.